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Advocacy and Media

In addition to writing his book about forgetting a child in a hot car, Eric and Michelle are extremely active with the press by sharing Eric's cautionary tale.

Working with Kids and Car Safety, they have shared their story locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, and will continue to do so.

Below you will find numerous videos and articles where they have worked to warn parents of everyone's susceptibility to Fatal Distraction.

In addition to working with the media Eric has travelled throughout Texas sharing his testimony and message of faith and hope to audiences of all sizes.

Local Media Links

KRLD 1080John Liddle
00:00 / 01:04
Interview with John Liddle

Regional Media Links

National Media Links

2016 Hot Cars Act
00:00 / 39:45
Today Show, Dateline

International Media

Dariusz Faron Article
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