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Prayer is the most powerful tool available when we are facing adversity in our lives. There is nothing more dynamic.

The Stuyvesant family witnessed this first hand in Michael's journey. Results that medical staff deemed improbable, if not totally impossible, were manifested through the concentrated effort of prayer groups around the world.


In our modern lives prayer is a last resort, when it should be our first line of defense -- “I’ve tried everything else now I guess I should pray."


We pray, and then we trust that God will provide us Light and a path to lead us through.


The Stuyvesant family, in their darkest hour was joined in prayer by tens of thousands around the world and now we would like to join with you in prayer.


Whether you are seeking some form of personal salvation, and need help accessing God's divine healing power, there are prayer partners around the world who would like to partner with you and pray for the adversity that you are facing.


We are confident that God will provide you with a path forward, and when He does, we ask that you come back and share with us how God has seen you through.

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