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Forgiveness: Part 2 in a series

Self-forgiveness can be a struggle.

Maybe you once you embarrassed yourself in a public setting and walked out with your head hung low. For days you asked yourself "Why did I do that?" As time went on you were able to push that embarrassing moment to the back of your mind, but every time you find yourself in the company of those people, or in a similar situation, you become paralyzed with shame. You find that you're no longer living your best life, and often shy away from situations that you would otherwise find enjoyable.

That moment in time, that shame, that embarrassment and that hurt, are no longer a part of your physical reality. The chains that bind you are part of your mind.

Change the way you look at the memory. Rather than focusing on the moment, and becoming embarrassed all over again, ask yourself "What was the lesson, God was trying to teach me?" Your answer will be as unique as you are. Recognize that the situation wasn't a punishment handed down from the universe, but rather a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and maturity.

Every experience on this physical plane is part of your individual lesson plan. Embrace the joy, embrace the sorrow, embrace the mistakes and even embrace the embarrassment, and learn the lessons that Spirit is trying to teach you.

Each breath you take and each moment you spend here on Earth is a glorious lesson preparing you for the journey that lies ahead.

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