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What is your one thing?

What is your one thing? Maybe you have more than one thing, but what is that one thing that you hold onto? What is that one mistake that continues to define you? What is that one regret that you would give anything to change?

Isn't it strange how we tend to hold onto our mistakes longer and harder than we hold onto our blessings? Isn't it odd that we have subconsciously chosen to allow those mistakes to define us years after the error was made?

In 1985 when Willie Nelson released Me & Paul it included a haunting ballad titled Forgiving You Was Easy Forgiveness is an integral part of our lives. Medical experts agree that forgiveness is key to improving mental and physical health and numerous self-help books remind us that we need to let go of the wrongs people have done to us. Holding a grudge, it seems, harms us more than it hurts the person we resent. But how do we let go of the things we've done to ourselves?

In the coming days I hope that we can have that discussion together. I hope that we, as friends, can work through our one things and let go of them together, and I hope we can find happiness on the other side.

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