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Hopeful, and Heart Wrenching:

“If you find it hard to forgive yourself over something, anything! Please read this! If Eric can do it, you can.”


A tragic life story with many meaningful lessons.

“It is hard to see the beauty in such a tragic situation but it’s there. It’s a wonderful touching story of one man’s life.”


I recommend this book…

“I appreciated the utter honesty; I could not hold myself from tearing up at times as I could imagine every single scene and every emotion that was being felt.”

J.S, Main, Review Tales

"I realize that this tough subject to read about. No one wants to dive headlong into a book about forgetting a child in a hot car, and yet there is so much more. If you are suffering from guilt or regret, Stuyvesant's book offers a road map to a life of happiness far beyond your mistake."

A touching well written story of tragedy, miracles and love

“Miracles, devotion and Love are sprinkled throughout the pages.”

Guru Ravi


“The honesty and realness and emotions this book (carries) is amazing. (Buy) the book. Share the book.”


Absolutely a page turner.

“This book is on such a difficult subject and is sometimes hard to read. It is so well written, and I had a hard time putting it down.”


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