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Eric and Michelle are available to share the story of “From the Inside Out” with your congregation, group, or conference.


They are also available for media interviews, book signings, public appearances, and other events.

Eric and Michelle love speaking to audiences and sharing the story of their son, Michael. 


They share what God has done and what He continues to do in all their lives.


They have experienced an incredible miracle, and love to share with audiences about the power of prayer, especially, when people are facing situations that seem hopeless. 

To book online click here.

The Power of Specific Prayer

In the context of Michael's accident, Eric's testimony on the power of SPECIFIC prayer is unparalleled. During Michael's coma and his stint in rehab Eric and Michelle were told 13 times that "Michael will never be able to _____ again." When the strength of humans failed, Eric turned to the Devine Source and the answers were miraculous. Eric uses his personal experience to teach others how to improve their daily lives using SPECIFIC prayer.

The Key to Forgiveness

This is a powerful talk drawn from Eric's true life experiences. In this presentation he explores the key elements of forgiving others by seeking forgiveness in ourselves. It is a transformative talk that leaves audiences uplifted and unburdened from the emotional chains that bind them.

All Things for Good

In this deeply-touching speech Eric discusses how his most debilitating setbacks became his greatest blessings. Listeners learn how a simple change of perspective can enrich every aspect of their lives.

It Won't Happen to Everyone, But it Could Happen to Anyone, and it Can Happen to You

This "Forgotten Baby Syndrome" talk is designed for the most skeptical audiences. In this presentation Eric discusses universal human conditions that can lend themselves to anyone momentarily losing track of their child, and how that moment can lead to a hot car death.

Preparedness Workshop

Michelle, A VIP at Kids and Car Safety, would love to assist your group, organization, or congregation in kid proofing your vehicle. Here she will educate parents, grandparents, and caregivers on the hidden dangers that are an inherent part of our daily transportation

Michelle's Testament

Through the entire ordeal Michelle was in a unique position: She hadn't caused the accident and there was little she could do to effect the outcome. She could have swelled with anger. It would have been easy to blame God for the situation and easier to have blamed Eric. She chose none of those options. Instead, she prayed. She asked 'why?'. She grounded herself in her faith and family. Michelle's testimony is the strongest talk of all and a must hear for any audience seeking a path through adversity.

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