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From the Inside Out:
A Reckoning and Redemption
 A True Story About God's Devine Healing Power

From Best-Selling Author: 

Eric Stuyvesant

"Is he going to make it?" was all Eric could ask.

"I can't tell you that," the paramedic answered, "but he's in the best possible hands."

In the back of the ambulance more medics were working on three-year-old Michael.  They struggled to intubate the small boy and his condition was deteriorating fast. Three times the ambulance pulled to the center lane and stopped. Three times Eric heard the medics say, "We're losing him."

At the hospital things didn't get easier. Doctors refused to officially offer any prognosis. Privately, they told Eric to 'prepare for the worst.'

What happened next defied medical experts: Michael survived.

Still, the prognosis was bleak. Eric and Michelle were told there was a good chance Michael would be an invalid the rest of his life and require around the clock medical assistance.

The power of God is incredible and miracles surround us. Michael was included in over 900 prayer lists around the globe, and the prayers worked. Not only did Michael survive, but he made a full recovery, defying all explanation.

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Using the workshop method, Michelle educates parents, grandparents, and caregivers, on hot car accident prevention.

It Won't Happen to Everyone, But it Can Happen to Anyone, And it Could Happen to You.

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